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Thanks to a donation from the Microsoft Corporation, AgeTech West gave away seven Xbox One Kinect Bundles and “Kinect Sports Rivals” games in a drawing at its recent annual conference in Seattle, WA. The goal is to launch a coordinated “Senior Exergames” mini-movement for wellness and socialization in senior living communities. The random winners each certified that they had sufficient equipment, space and activity staff to fully utilize the Xbox for exergaming. They also committed to participate in cross-site Kinect Bowling competitions using the integrated Skype video conferencing, and coordinate competitions, post scores, etc. on a Senior Exergames Facebook Group Page. Watch for updates about their experiences and competitions!


Xbox Winner Senior Exergames Organizations:
Eskaton, Carmichael, CA
Nikkei Concerns, Seattle, WA
The Hearthstone, Seattle, WA
Front Porch, Glendale, CA
Judson Park, Des Moines, WA
Episcopal Communities & Services, Pasadena, CA
Jewish Senior Living Group, San Francisco, CA

AgeTech Announces Pitch-for-Pilot Partners




Two weeks following its most successful conference to date, AgeTech West is pleased to announce a dozen pilot project pairings from the second annual “Pitch-for-Pilots (P4P)” in partnership with Aging2.0. The ‘innovation vibe’ in Seattle was a very fitting setting for the event focused on transforming the aging services experience. With over 300 people in attendance from 25 states and four countries representing for profit and nonprofit providers, AgeTech’s speakers challenged providers to disrupt themselves by innovating existing services and inventing new ones by leveraging the latest technologies.

Attendees were inspired by innovations in 3D sensing and caregiver robotics and an outstanding panel session by providers who piloted technology innovations in last year’s Pitch-for-Pilots, including Hallmark Rehab who piloted Liftware, now part of Google, Eskaton who piloted Live!y, and Front Porch who piloted Tapestry. Google and a Place for Mom gave providers a wake-up call on how older consumers are searching for services and housing, and the need to reprioritize how internet leads are handled versus “walk-ins” if they are to effectively sync their service offerings with consumers and family interests in a timely manner.

A “state of the state” aging technology executive panel provided attendees with leading market insights and a road map of what’s next, but an older adult focus-group panel stole the show with their forthright thoughts and feelings about technology’s role and impact for aging in everyday life. With over 40 speakers and ample networking time, the day and a half event was packed full of rich content and opportunities for hatching new ideas and striking strategic partnerships with peers and technology entrepreneurs.
And if you missed the “BIG NEWS,” AgeTech West and Aging2.0 announced their plan to join forces, creating the “Aging2.0 Alliance” and continuing the conference as Aging2.0’s “AgeTech Conference and EXPO,” with the next event tentatively planned for San Francisco November 2015.

Now to the Pitch for Pilot pairings. 34 providers in attendance submitted applications for 8 pilot opportunities. GeriJoy and GrandCare tied for the greatest number of applications (7 apiece), and Cadence Biomedical won the best pitch for its Kickstart Walking System. Because a few P4P companies were game for more than one pilot partner, we have made 12 formal P4P pairings. Pairings were thoroughly evaluated to find the best-fit possible for both parties.

Drumroll please… the 2014-15 PITCH-FOR-PILOT Partners are:

accushieldAccushield is a technology that adds a layer of protection for the residents, staff and property owners of senior living communities by screening and tracking third-party vendors and visitors, and to empower community management, vendor management and families with easy, mobile access to information about vendor activity.

Wesley Homes, Des Moines, WA
The, Glendale & Escondido, CA
The Hearthstone, Seattle, WA


Cadence Biomedical offers the Kickstart Walking System to accelerate walking recovery for neurological patients in long term care facilities.

Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community, Tacoma, WA
Hallmark Rehabilitation, various locations

cubigoCubigo is a cloud-based communication and integration platform to support aging in   place with community interaction and services and a superior, easy to use UI and data analytics.

Jewish Senior Living Group, Palo Alto, CA

geekatooGeekatoo is a nationwide in-home tech support platform. Like Geek Squad except cheaper, better, faster. 

Episcopal Senior Communities, Oakland, CA
Los Angeles Jewish Home, Reseda, CA

GeriJoyGeriJoy’s 24×7 care team provides personalized memory care programming through always-present virtual pet avatars, improving quality of life, reducing cost of care, and engaging families.

Episcopal Senior Communities, Spring Lake Village, Santa Rosa, CA

grand_careGrandCare is a comprehensive caregiving technology combining activity sensing, telehealth, socialization and video chat into a simple touch-based platform for professional caregivers & health providers.

Los Angeles Jewish Home, Reseda, CA


grandPad is the safest and simplest tablet computer that effortlessly connects  seniors to those they love.

The Hearthstone, Seattle, WA

Sword_HealthAt SWORD Health, we’re performing an end-to-end reinvention of the motor rehabilitation industry with technologies that maximize the operational and therapeutic effectiveness of rehabilitation services.


Hallmark Rehabilitation, various locations

Aging2.0 and AgeTech West Announce Plan to Join Forces

Combined organization furthers the shared mission to accelerate innovation to improve the lives of older adults; will increase the depth and breadth of the Aging2.0 platform.

San Francisco, Calif. (Nov. 18, 2014) – Effective January 2015, AgeTech West, a West Coast network of aging service providers and technology companies, will integrate into Aging2.0, the global innovation network and startup accelerator. The announcement was made at the 2014 AgeTech West conference: Sync in Seattle: Transforming the Aging Services Experience.

In its four years of operation, AgeTech West has developed a national reputation as an impactful educator, broker and advocate of technology-enabled care in aging services and senior housing. AgeTech West partners include aging services providers from LeadingAge California, Washington and Oregon as well as technology and business partners. Providers get access to the latest innovations, and technology companies get much-needed access to consumer research, insights into providers’ care challenges and goals, as well as pilot and distribution partnerships. The annual AgeTech West Conference & Technology Expo has become a catalyst for advancing technology-enabled care with practical, provider-focused educational content and facilitation of technology adoption opportunities.

Since its inception in 2012, Aging2.0 has rapidly developed a reputation as the premiere global platform for connecting, educating and supporting innovators focused on aging and long-term care. It has hosted more than 80 events in 22 cities across 9 countries, cultivating a robust interdisciplinary and intergenerational ecosystem of entrepreneurs, technologists, designers, investors, long-term care providers and older adults themselves.

Last year, Aging2.0 launched the world’s first accelerator program focused on aging and long-term care, which provides the most promising startups in the space with unique access to distribution, capital, mentorship and older adult consumers. The second cohort of startups in the program – which is now called the Aging2.0 Academy – will be announced later this week. In May 2014, Aging2.0 announced the launch of Generator Ventures in partnership with Formation Capital, a $5.5B private equity firm focused on senior housing and services, and announced that Arnold Whitman, long-term care industry veteran and Formation Capital Chairman was joining Aging2.0 and Generator Ventures as a partner.

AgeTech and Aging2.0 have been successful collaborators over the past two years, most notably with the popular live ‘Pitch-for-Pilots’ event featured at the 2013 and 2014 AgeTech West conferences. In addition to a common mission, they also share many of the same provider and industry partners.

“Combining the missions, networks and partners of AgeTech West and Aging2.0 will create an unparalleled platform to accelerate innovation and technology adoption to improve the lives of older adults,” said Stephen Johnston, co-founder of Aging2.0.

The combined organization will house all the essential elements of a robust innovation ecosystem including a global alliance of aging service providers, technology companies, and business partners, a pilot and distribution pipeline, network of local chapters, regular events and conferences, consumer research panel, the Academy tech startup program and the Generator Ventures investment fund.

“AgeTech West and Aging2.0, with their mission alignment and tremendous synergies, together are uniquely positioned as the driving force for tech-enabled innovation in the aging space,” said Joanne Handy, CEO of LeadingAge California, the original founding association partner of AgeTech West. “The LeadingAge organizations of California, Oregon and Washington believe this integration will optimally position aging service providers to leverage technology in their care delivery models and will provide the scale and stature needed to have impact on the global stage.”

Scott Peifer, AgeTech West Executive Director will join Aging2.0 as Vice President of Alliance Development, effective January 2015. AgeTech’s founding association partners, LeadingAge California, LeadingAge Oregon and LeadingAge Washington will become Charter Premier Association Partners of the Aging2.0 Alliance with an active role in the combined organization. The AgeTech West Conference & Technology Expo will continue annually as the Aging2.0 AgeTech Conference & Expo, a major industry leading event for providers, technology companies, consultants and consumers. Read more:



About Aging2.0

Aging2.0 ( is a global organization on a mission to accelerate innovation that will improve the lives of older adults around the world. Aging2.0 connects, educates and supports innovators through its global chapter network, consumer research panel, conferences, Aging2.0 Academy startup program and the Generator Ventures fund. In less than three years,  Aging2.0 has become the premier platform for discovering and cultivating innovations focused on aging and long-term care.

About AgeTech West
AgeTech West was founded by LeadingAge California, LeadingAge Oregon and LeadingAge Washington to advance the delivery of tech-enabled aging services. AgeTech acts as an educator, broker and advocate to accelerate such services to help older adults maximize their safety, security, independence, social engagement, health and wellness – while improving care delivery, coordination, efficiency and innovation within the organizations who serve them.




New ‘Cambia Grove’ health-care innovation center in Seattle will link tech startups with big players

Nicole Bell, Executive Director of the new Cambia Grove, will be speaking at the 2014 AgeTech West Tech Conference & Expo on November 17 during the opening session. Learn about the launch of this new 9,000 square-foot health care innovation center, opening in downtown Seattle in 2015.

Read the full article in Geekwire


Preparing to Pilot (P2P) Aging Service Technologies

Innovation is a critical skill and practice for aging service providers – and may in fact mean the difference between being able to continue fulfilling their mission (i.e., staying in business) and being disrupted by a competitor, new entrant into the space or missed strategic opportunity. It is far better for providers to recognize their “blind spots” and disrupt themselves by innovating service models and ways of doing business. Technology plays a big part in not only transforming the service experience in traditional care models, but also in scaling new models to achieve sustainability.

As we look forward to the return of the “Pitch-for-Pilots (P4P)” in partnership with Aging2.0 at AgeTech’s “Sync in Seattle: Transforming the Aging Services Experience” Conference and Tech Expo on November 17th, I want to encourage senior living and aging service providers to take a moment to consider how your organization is ‘preparing to pilot (P2P)’ the integration of new technologies. Whether the opportunity to test new technology is generated at the conference or elsewhere, there are several important elements to keep in mind to ensure a valuable and “successful” experience for all parties – providers, residents/consumers, and tech companies – whether or not the pilot turns into a scaled deployment.

At Sync in Seattle, attendees will first hear from three providers who’ve had successful pilot experiences launched at the P4P last November in San Jose – Hallmark Rehab, Eskaton and Front Porch. Providers will discuss their piloting experience, share video interviews with participating residents/clients, and convey the perspective of their tech company partners. They will then give their experience-based recommendations for conducting a successful pilot.

Immediately following will be the live 2014 Pitch for Pilots, where technology companies give a 4-minute pitch in hopes of landing a compatible provider pilot partner from the audience. Attendees will vote in real-time on the quality and content of the pitch, and have the opportunity to submit applications to be a provider pilot partner.  Vetting and pairings will be made following the conference. AgeTech and Aging2.0 will provide pilot partners with tools such as sample MOUs and participant consents.

In preparation for technology deployment opportunities, get a team together to clearly articulate the challenges or opportunities you are interested in enabling with technology, make sure you have “buy in” from leadership and have a staff champion to lead the project, and agree on process for regular planning and communication among staff, residents/participants and your technology partner. Make sure too that you have the applicable infrastructure requirements in place (e.g., campus WiFi) to deploy the technology.

These and other topics are addressed in Aging2.0 co-founder Stephen Johnston’s article “Top Ten Tips for Successful Partnerships,” recently published in CALA’s quarterly publication, the CALA News & Views, and in an article by Lola Rain, Eskaton’s Director of Social Media entitled, “Innovation lab: Evaluating a pilot project in long-term care,” recently published in McKnight’s Long-term Care.

Remember, pilots are just the way to start, not the end objective, but getting started down the tracks of technology integration is paramount to increasing your “Innovation Quotient (IQ)” and taking advantage of today’s technological advances to enable your best possible care and services.

Scott Peifer, Executive Director, AgeTech West


Nov. 1 ePrescribing Deadline & Provider Readiness Survey

As of Nov. 1, 2014, providers of long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) must use “NCPDP SCRIPT 10.6” or higher standard for the electronic transmission of prescriptions or medication orders if they send these prescriptions/orders electronically to a pharmacy that is a separate legal entity from their organization, and if the prescription is eligible for reimbursement under Medicare Part D.

LeadingAge CAST did a survey of vendors and they are trying to assess provider’s readiness. You can read about the topic and see a summary of the vendors’ readiness survey in the updated article: Nov. 1 ePrescribing Deadline: LTPAC Vendor Readiness.

Providers on the listserv are invited to complete the Provider Readiness Survey to better understand your readiness, plans for compliance, and to offer suggestions. Complete the 5 minute online survey.



Facebook plots first steps into healthcare

Venturing into healthcare for the first time, Facebook is exploring how to help and connect users suffering from various health issues. Online support communities where Facebook users can seek advice and share experiences, and apps to help encourage healthier lifestyles are under consideration. “Facebook’s plans to create online “support communities” and related “preventive care applications” for people with chronic conditions and other support needs, and their move to review personal health devices could have significant benefits for older adults living alone,” said AgeTech West Executive Director Scott Peifer.

Read the full article.

A portrait of the Facebook logo in Ventura



Get Well Gamers Foundation Continues Support of Senior Exergaming

GetWellGamers and AgeTech Wi Fit Balance Boards_cropped 2_gwgf logoAgeTech thanks the Get Well Gamers Foundation for their continued support of senior exergaming for wellness and socialization among residents of West Coast LeadingAge member communities. The foundation has donated Nintendo Wii and Xbox exergames as well as several Wii balance boards to accompany the fitness-oriented Wii games.  AgeTech will be distributing the games and boards to members in the coming weeks Watch for details on our blog). AgeTech distributed GWGF’s first donation of games to thirteen LeadingAge members in the AgeTech network:


Gold Country Retirement and Health, Placerville CA
Carlsbad by the Sea, Carlsbad CA
Parkview Senior Apartments, San Jose CA
Bixby Knolls Towers, Long Beach CA
Auburn Ravine Terrace, Auburn CA
The Hearthstone, Seattle WA
Friendsview Retirement Community, Newberg OR
Spring Meadows Assisted Living, St. Helens OR
Terwilliger Plaza, Portland OR

Pioneer House, Sacramento CA
Telacu Tierra Serrano Social Services, Rialto CA
Emerald Heights/Corwin Center, Redmond WA
Beth Haven, Ripon CA

Intel-GE Care Innovations Hackathon to Tackle Biggest Patient Engagement Hurdles

Intel-GE Care Innovations, in partnership with MIT Hacking Medicine and StartX, will host its first ever “hackathon” in an effort to bridge the divide between patients, their health and their healthcare providers. Held at Stanford University on September 19-21, the event features health innovation experts Dr. Jacob Reider, Deputy National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, and Dr. Lyle Berkowitz, Associate Chief Medical Officer of Innovation at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, experienced in innovative and disruptive uses of information technology. Read the full press release.

To learn more about how to participate, visit:

To learn more about Intel-GE Care Innovations, an AgeTech West Corporate Technology Partner, visit

Monday, Monday! So Many Things to Do at The AgeTech West Conference & Expo!

The AgeTech West Technology Conference and Expo is coming up – join us in Seattle on November 17-18!

Monday will feature…

1. Optional Microsoft HQ Tour Including Lunch: 10:15 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Participants will visit the Microsoft Corporate Headquarters in Redmond, WA, outside of Seattle. Tour elements will include a 1-hour tour of the new “Microsoft Envisioning Center,” the “Computing Museum” in the Visitor Center and lunch in a Microsoft café. Microsoft Tour is limited to 40 conference registrants, separate is registration required. The fee is $45, hurry though as the tour is filling fast!!

2. Optional Screening of “Cyber-Seniors” Documentary @ Mirabella Seattle:
10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Advance registration required: contact Margaret Morneau to learn more.

Read the New York Times Review

3. Exhibits & Xbox Competitions Open – Afternoon Tea and Coffee:
1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

4. OPENING GENERAL SESSION: 2:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Welcome to AgeTech & the Seattle Innovation Community

Harnessing the Power of 3D Sensing for Aging Services
Brannon Zahand, DSC Business Operations, Microsoft Corp.

Highlights of 2013 Pitch-for-Pilot Experiences for Partners & Participants

Live 2014 Pitch-for-Pilots, real-time voting by Holleran
Katy Fike and Stephen Johnson, co-founders, Aging2.0

5. Networking / Wine Tasting Reception: 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

And that’s just the first day! REGISTER NOW!