Sync in Seattle: Transforming the Aging Experience

AgeTech West Conference heads to Seattle for 2014 Conference & Tech Expo

On the heels of a successful 2013 conference, more aptly described as a “happening” and “catalyst for change” in San Jose, California, AgeTech will head north to hold its 2014 event in trendy downtown Seattle, Washington.

This year we will explore how technology can better synchronize aging services with consumer desires to transform the aging “user experience” for older adults and aging service providers alike. Older adults will be directly involved in providing feedback and experiences on what they find appealing and empowering about various technologies, and what isn’t through interactive forums and “sync-ups.” Aging service providers will also give accounts of their experience in piloting new technologies to better meet older adult needs and desires.

Keynotes will be on tap from the likes of Seattle-based giants Amazon and Microsoft, addressing the bigger picture of how innovation and technology will continue to revolutionize services by better responding to consumer preferences, with a focus on older adults. Planning is also underway to offer new pilot project opportunities for aging service providers who are ready to step up and get started by piloting exciting new technologies.

The conference will offer first-class amenities for networking with colleagues and technology innovators at the sleek, modern Hyatt Olive 8 hotel at a bargain rate of $149/night. Take advantage of the downtown Seattle nightlife for your own strategic “sync-ups” with colleagues and potential partners. Seattle’s “LINK” light rail from the airport is only $2.75 and lands you three blocks from the hotel.

Beginning on the afternoon of Monday, November 17, the conference will feature a networking reception that night and will conclude by 3pm on Tuesday, November 18. Plan to arrive on Friday or Saturday before the conference and enjoy a weekend in Seattle at the group rate (subject to room availability).

The bottom line is that norms have changed; technology innovation offers real opportunities for better, more person-centered and efficient care and services for older adults. Service providers, payers and policy makers need to think differently about how care is provided, innovate work-processes and modify programs to take advantage of what technology has to offer in leveraging staff and improving service to sync with consumer needs and desires. Let’s not be caught flat-footed and be displaced by others who do a better job of appealing to aging consumers – let’s be our own disrupters.

Connect with AgeTech and stay up-to-date on conference developments at and by following us on Twitter at #syncinseattle, Facebook, and subscribing to our blog.



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